VOIP Telephony, Hosted PBX, PSTN

Communication is a significant part of any business, it's essential a business is able to respond quickly to clients seeking to talk to them and also that a business can call in turn speak to potential clients and existing ones using a reliable telephony system.

VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

VOIP is now a viable alternative to traditional PSTN (public switch telephone network), by securely encoding your telephone conversations they can be sent over the Internet to any phone in the world (PSTN , Mobile or VOIP) but with the added advantage of lower costs and much great flexibility. Costs are reduced by a competitive open market involving multiple carriers. Flexiability is enhanced by the very nature of the phone number being entirely Internet based, a phone or App can be connected to any part of the Internet anywhere in the world and make calls as if it were at on your desk at the office.

How we can help
Green-Co helps our clients realise the savings available through a reliable, high quality VOIP platform which offers flexibility, functionality, reliability while saving money compared to traditional PSTN telephony options.

We appreciate the challenge of migrating multiple users from an established platform, each users has an understanding of how to use the existing system with its unique features and functions.
Your  business can't tolerate downtime or a change of number. We can fully manage the migration with change over periods, training and gradual migrations to enable businesses to make the change without a significant impact to the business operation. A multitude of handsets are available with various features sets and functions depending on the needs of the business

Costs and features
Costs can be assessed in advance to give you an understanding of the savings, unlimited calling plans are available along with other features such as voicemail, hold music, dtmf call routing and more